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Zest 4Kidz

Christmas Fundraiser



The students of West Wicklow Youthreach Blessington were busy fundraising for SVDP and Zest4Kidz India/ Belarus appeal.  They began collecting old toys, clothes, books etc for these worthy charities.

Zest4Kidz is an Irish children's charity (CHY 17374) dedicated to fighting injustice, loving kids like family and empowering them to live full lives.  The staff at Zest4Kidz work with young children and teenagers from all walks of life in countries like the Orphanages in Belarus, India and the child soldiers in Uganda.

The students spent the morning sorting through all of the donations given by the community of Blessington Further Education Centre.  Piles of clothes and toys were put into age categories and boxed.  Some money was also donated and students went to the local shops to buy things for the children and young people.  A great morning was had by all. 


The SVDP also got some boxes and that went to the local shop in Blessington.  Again I would like to thank everyone for their support and help, knowing that children and teenagers may benefit from our generosity.  Thanks a million!


Youthreach Blessington

Youthreach students are back to work and their studies since the 9th January 2012.  They are working hard on their FETAC assessments and some students are also preparing their applications for PLC courses in Dublin and Kildare, with the help of Youth Advocate Angela Glynn.  Those students will also be visiting the colleges in the coming weeks.